Best Sweat-Wicking Leggings That Are Perfect For This Summer

During summer, just wearing clothes can seem cumbersome. But unless you are planning on signing up for some naked yoga classes, you still need to figure out what you are going to wear to the gym or even for running errands around town.

The only thing worse than working out in the summer is wearing shorts! Seeing those flabby thighs chafe together can be totally not motivating and let’s not get started on how distracting it is. But wearing leggings in 90-degree weather sounds awful. You want to wear leggings, but how is it even possible?

Thankfully, the solution is breathable leggings. When looking for a sweat-wicking legging that can withhold the heat you need to look for a summer appropriate legging.

Here is a roundup of four essential features your leggings should have to help you beat the heat in style. While it might not be necessary to have all four of the following features, your leggings should have at least one.

Moisture Wicking Fabrics

This feature is pretty obvious because honestly nobody wants to look like you just peed yourself. Look for leggings made from a cotton/Lycra blend or a quick drying moisture absorbing fabric that won’t get drenched in sweat.

Lululemon Fast & Free 7/8 Tight II

When it comes to a lightweight, breathable and comfortable legging, this one is top notch. Made from innovative moisture wicking Nulux fabric that keeps your skin and leggings completely dry.

Lululemon Fast & Free 7/8 Tight II

Capri Cut

This might be the only time of the year that it is fashionably acceptable to wear straight-up capris. The shorter length makes them ideal for working out during the warmer months. Plus, they will give your feet and ankles some much needed fresh air.

Nike Epic Lux Women’s Running Capris

Feel free to stretch out your stride in these lightweight, stretch capris. The contoured design moves with your body’s curves, plus the multiple pockets will keep your valuables close by.

Nike Epic Lux Women

Mesh Detailing

Mesh detailing isn’t just trendy and cool but it makes your leggings breathable. Mesh paneling will give your leggings a splash of personality and style without the world discovering you are at the gym just for a cute selfie to post on Instagram.

Bandier Alala Captain Crop Tight

Crafted to keep you looking sleek and stylish no matter how hard you are sweating it out during your spinning class. The cropped mesh features will keep you dry and refreshed throughout even the most grueling workout.

Bandier Alala Captain Crop Tight


Yes, we know that you love cutouts because they give you an edgy vibe while working out. But most importantly, they will give you must-needed ventilation while working out during summer time. Show all of the stuck-up girls at the gym that you are not someone to mess with and you take your workouts seriously.

Alo Yoga 7/8 Ripped Warrior
Bring out the warrior queen when you wear these high-performance, body sculpting ripped leggings. The slashes give you an instant edge to push yourself the extra mile.

Ripped Warrior

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