Dermacol foundation, the makeup asset for a perfect face

Dermacol is touted as the most covering foundation in the world. Since I couldn’t help to try, I bought myself one.
Dermacol foundation has been around for quite long time and was developed by recording studios in Prague for the needs of the business. But it’s the Youtubeur Jeffree Starr who made this product go viral, presenting it as “the more covering foundation in the world”.

dermacol foundation review

What is Dermacol Make-up Cover Foundation?

The brand presents its foundation as an ideal product in professional conditions. Photo shoot, solemn events, film shoot: in short, this foundation has several features that I have listed below:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Waterproof
  • With an integrated SPF 30 protection
  • A cream texture in 30 gram format
  • It guarantees optimal coverage because it is composed of more pigments than what the traditional market offers
  • It hides color imperfections and unifies the skin.

So when I was finally delivered my Dermacol foundation which I ordered from the review I read on, here are my first impressions.

The tube

An “aluminum” tube that reminds me of a mini toothpaste. There is a seal to open when unpacked: it is synonymous with hygiene, I like it. I am afraid that in the long run the packaging “crackles” as it has happened to me several times with packaging of this type.

The right dose of product

The brand recommends applying a thin layer: and she is right to specify it. Because this foundation is tube plaster, friends! We almost want to rub with, it’s so thick. Do not try to take too much: you might lock yourself in the Grevin museum.

The application

I preferably use my fingers, as usual with my foundation. It stretches quite well. On this point, I was quite surprised. Another good surprise was the fact that there is no need to apply anti-rings over it, it camouflages everything in its path!

My opinion on Dermacol Make-up Cover

It is simple, in 2 minutes, my freckles almost seemed to have disappeared. I found myself flawless, provided I powdered: because, this Dermacol makes me impressively shine. It covers all the spots and imperfections of my face. The first few minutes, I really feel the foundation, like a mask. And then throughout the day, this funny feeling has faded.

Some areas of dehydration are a little marked, but my surprise lies in that it is less intense than with other foundations available on the market. All this thanks to the paraffin which comes in second position of the INCI list of the product. So, I would not recommend at all this foundation for acne-prone skin: proliferation of pimples is possible. And it is this same paraffin liquid that gives me a good healthy look on the photos (despite the powder!). In fact, many makeup artists mix blushes (for example) with Vaseline to bring a more natural render…

After a day, the makeup was still there, fixed in place and without oxidation. I must admit that I didn’t find nothing really negative to this foundation.

Where to buy Dermacol foundation?

The foundation Dermacol is available on I have experienced the quality of the products they offer and I think you must take a ride on this online store.

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