Five of The Best Profiles of Instagram About World Travel

instagram about travel

Some of the most breath-taking and awesome pictures can be found on Instagram.

World travel pictures are truly amazing and the best. They inspire you to get a camera and a backpack and start making your own profile. Some of them have over 1000’s of followers. Who are some of the best and what is their specialty?

How could you ever find the answer to that? It would be overwhelming. This list shows five of some of the best from those whose passion is travel and photography.

@Jackharding earned 18,555 likes, with his stunning Moraine Lake picture. It draws you in, making you want to be the person sitting on the rock wearing a red jacket. Or, even better, it inspires you to take up photography. Then if you view the masterpieces that showcase o his explorations around the fjords of Norway, you just want to become a world traveller too.

@theslowtraveler shares more than just beautiful photography. Tips and fascinating anecdotes make you feel like it’s a picture from a friend. Her skill with the camera has captured moods and it is almost as if your senses can pick up the little details. Some of the luxurious settings make you want to travel to the magical place her camera is sharing. Her street scene in Edinburgh just cries out for you to travel there and to bring your camera.

@taramilktea post says ‘Best. Bathtub. Ever’ and received 43,319 likes for this work of art. The viewer just craves the luxury and wants to be there. Another huge incentive to get out there, experience the vibrant foods and colours from travelling the world. More than 74,000 likes for the bright colours of tulips in the Netherlands. Incredible pictures, focusing on vibrant red colours just grab your attention.

@doyoutravel shared a picture of a man with a giraffe. He titled it “Just a regular morning in Kenya.” 184,054 likes! Well deserved. Photograph is a classic and makes one yearn to pack up and head to Kenya. The building covered in the vine and the markings of the giraffe just meld together as if it was all planned.

@girleatworld shows off the world’s best street food eating her way around the world and sharing her stories and fabulous pictures with us. Admired by over 137,000 followers. Expect to see endless beautiful pictures of delicious looking food and scenery and great comments. Passion for eating and experiencing travel at the same time is so enticing.

Hacks to do if you plan to travel soon

So, you have a choice about travel, you could learn the hard way or do some research first. Especially is this a good plan of action when you are about to embark on your exciting trip that you have been dreaming about. Travel hacks offer excellent suggestions and advice to help you have a great travel experience. Here are five of some of the best ones.

When finding a flight price online, book on a Tuesday 3:00 p.m., six weeks before you travel. And when browsing online for flights, block your search so the price doesn’t go up.

Take pictures of your suitcase and all that is in it. Scan your passport, itinerary and VIP papers and email to yourself. This simple hack can save you a lot of hassle when lost or stolen.

Take advantage of air miles, credit cards, and frequent flyer programs.

Bring an empty water bottle and fill with water when going through security.

Roll your clothes when packing, instead of folding, gives more space and less wrinkles.

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