Hosiery Trends that are Reinventing Pantyhose

2017 was still about wearing our beloved leggings under skirts or short dresses, but leggings have finally emerged from being a type of hosiery that is hidden under our attire, transforming into an item that can actually be worn as pants.

Suddenly,pantyhose have made a come back, we aren’t talking about those wrinkly, frumpy pantyhose that your mother used to wear. But we are talking about elegant, sleek, sophisticated fashion hosiery styles that will have you wanting more.

We noticed during Fashion Week this year that nobody was without pantyhose. There are some great trends this year, happening with women’s hosiery that you are going to love to incorporate into your everyday styles.

Top Hosiery Trends

pantyhose hosiery

  • Velvet tights

Classic velvet tights were often only acceptable to wear during the colder winter months but 2018 changed everything. Velvet hosiery is here to stay, with a high-waist, sequins along the back of the leg, creating a beautiful back seam, and made with thinner fabrics that can be worn year round.

  • Statement tights

2018 is about speaking your mind and standing up for what you believe in, such as with Moulin’s Rouge fashion tights, embellished with tiny crystals that spell out “Moulin Rouge”. Make a statement this year with a pair of statement hosiery.

  • Shape those curves

We all love our body wear and shapewear ladies hosiery is this year’s hottest trend and it’s only going to keep growing through next year. Body-contouring for your entire lower-body, shaping your body where you need it most. Think of thigh compressing, tummy tucking control, booty boosting and leg support, all the while coming in a wide variety of colors and styles.

  • Thigh-high stockings

Lingerie and hosiery have combined to make sexy thigh-high stockings with sultry hold-ups. Dare to wear them peeking out from under a short shirt or shorts, leaving the rest up to the imagination of the beholder.

  • Color me beautiful

If you have had a chance to see this year’s biggest fashion styles, you surely have noticed the bright, bold Crayola colors. Expect this year’s hosiery to brighten up your lingerie drawer and help you walk color back into your wardrobe with colorful tights.

  • Built-in panties

Finally you can go commando while wearing stockings. With a built in mesh gusset, so you can say goodbye to pulling and tugging your panties up or trying to conceal that muffin top that formed between your underwear and stockings.

  • Plus-size sizes

Most plus-size hosiery are thick, shiny, ugly, dated and look like they were made to stick over your head to rob a bank. This years styles provide light compression that help fight leg fatigue. Plus, they come in all of the styles mentioned above and in skin tones that match your skin tone and not orange.

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