How Millennials are Changing the Way we Work and Travel

Baby boomers are a thing of the past and were quickly replaced by new philosophies and methodologies. But, they were quickly replaced by a new generation that is taking great strides in changing the way the world travels, works and even, what we eat and buy!

Let’s see how they are changing how we travel and work!

Baby boomer vs. Generation Y in the workforce

By the end of this decade Generation Y will take up more than 60% of the modern-day workforce, it is worth considering how they are changing the way we work. For example, Generation Y (Millennial) wants their money to work for them. But Baby Boomers preferred working hard, long hours for their money.

Baby boomers enjoyed structured meetings, with semi-annual reviews were provided, if necessary. But Generation Y has a more casual and social approach to staff meetings, resulting in a more interactive environment. Plus, they love to hear about how they are doing, which has lead many companies embracing checklists, providing frequent feedback, whether positive or negative, plus rewards for outstanding work and mentors.

Baby Boomer’s often considered any type of social interaction as a weakness and it was considered to be taboo to express your opinion to someone who was higher ranked than you or in a management position.

Generation Y grew up with social media and aren’t shy about sharing their ideas with whoever will listen. Modern workplaces are breaking down the boundaries by embracing co-working and co-leadership, allowing all team members to freely express their opinions.

Generation Y millennials

Baby Boomer’s vs. Generation Y in the way we travel

Baby Boomers travel on an average, 27 days a year and more than 70% travel only to see their family. They might have a sightseeing trip with pre-organized itineraries to see as many museums and historical sites as possible or even a cruise.

But Generation Y travels at least 35 days each year and they love stress-free holidays and even though they love family holidays with their own children, they often avoid spending their vacations with relatives. They opt for holidays that are stress free, packed with luxury spa treatments and free Internet.

One way that Generation Y travelers are changing the way we travel is vacation rentals by owners, such as AIRBNB. More and more people are switching their hotel for an apartment or beach rental that provides all or more of the necessities of home, at a much lower price than a hotel.

Who will Generation Z be?

Already we are beginning to see some patterns in the preferences of the youngest generation: Gen Z. such as traveling less than 29 days a year and seeking out bucket-list vacations that promoted by social media.

They often look for alternative accommodation such as shared rooms through AIRBNB or hostels. They spend most of their vacation time at concerts or festivals, posting their entire trip on platforms such as Instagram.

Their work ethics is quite a bit more solitary than the previous generations, often opting for a lower pay to be able to work from home on their computer or being able to travel while working. Gen Z is showing a lack of desire in the independence department, as more than 40% are still living with their parents.

We can be sure to see more changes to this new-upcoming generation in the years to come, as they begin to dominate the world scene.

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