How to choose and wear shapewear – By Miraclesuit

Before we begin, let us introduce you to Miraclesuit, they are mostly known for their shaping swimsuits and bikinis. But recently their shaping intimate wear has gained popularity. It is probably due to the innovative lightweight material they use in all of their shapewear products, which provides three more compression strengths than other conventional shaping materials.

Miraclesuit is determined to create intimate wear that will accentuate women’s unique anatomy and curves. All of the shapewear styles will conceal and smooth out your trouble spots, by carefully tucking them away and out of sight.

The shapewear industry highly regards Miraclesuit as a leader in the control intimate wear business. Their innovative designs are changing the face of shapewear, such as eliminating the need for underwire bras.

This is why we went to an expert like Miraclesuit to help us compile a self-help guide to help you choose and wear shapewear. So keep reading to discover how you can get the most out of your shapewear.

Choose the right size

Never pick a smaller size shapewear thinking it will give you a more sculpted look. It will actually do completely the opposite by making your fat bulge in areas that you thought were impossible. Opt for shapewear that is designed for your body size and expect to be wowed as it smoothes out your body. Miraclesuit shapewear guarantees that your body will look 3X sleeker.

Choose a style that enhances your body shape

Most of us have a specific body shape that can easily be identified in the following template:

shapewear body style

Apple shape

The apple shape is often called an inverted triangle or V-shape, and is used to describe women who have a heavier upper body and a smaller torso and hips.

The best style of shapewear for this body shape is a shaping camisole; as it will smoothen out any love handles, back bulges and muffin top. All the while, it is compressing your bust, so you torso will look longer and slimmer.

miraclesuit camisole

Pear shape

Just as the pear shape implies, this woman has wider hips than their upper body. Often called triangle shaped, as the measurements are significantly wider than near to the bust.

The best style of shapewear for this body type is a thigh shaper, as it will target love handles, muffin tops, back bulges and slim and tone your thighs. Thigh slimmer is ideal for giving you a more streamlined and sleeker look.


Hourglass shape

An hourglass shape woman has relatively the same portions on her upper body as her lower body, with a significant noticeably cinched waist. This shape is the most sought after body since the invention of the girdle in the early 1700’s. Often this body shape tends to gain weight evenly throughout her entire body, making problem areas around the lower belly and saddlebags.

The best style of shapewear for this body shape is a shaping bodysuit that can be worn with your favorite bra. It will give you invisible smoothing and a instant confidence boost.

miraclesuit shaping

Ruler Shape

The ruler shape is often called the athlete body or rectangle shaped, as the bust, waist and hip measurements are almost identical. Women with ruler shapes tend to gain weight around their front and backs, making them look wide or even pregnant.

The best shapewear for this body type is a booty enhancing brief or thong as it will tuck in that belly and give your booty an enviable lift. Look for styles that come with a hi-waist to smooth out any muffin tops and saddlebags.

miraclesuit hi waist brief

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