How to prevent teenage acne and breakouts – Skincare tips that work

Are you getting annoyed with playing hide and seek with those irritating zits and blackheads? But knowing how to care for you skin isn’t a natural instinct, it’s a habit that needs to be learned, so as to have flawless skin.

The majority of facial skin issues, such as breakouts, pimples, zits and blackheads are due to a lack of proper knowledge caring for their skin. It is never too early to start learning to care for your skin. Believe us, it will benefit you in the long run.

The following suggestions are for both boys and girls, as both sexes will have to struggle with unwanted acne at some point during their adolescent years.

prevent teenage acne and breakouts

How to have flawless skin

Know your skincare products

Teenagers are often attracted to the glitzy, glamorous products promoted by celebrities on social media or television. But just because everyone claims to be using it, doesn’t make it suitable for your skin type and conditions. Actually, choosing the wrong product for your skin can cause even more breakouts or an adverse skin reaction.

Follow a healthy and balanced diet

Teenagers have a tendency of eating large quantities of greasy, salty, sugary snacks such as chips, pizza, hamburgers, French fries and soda. Since their metabolism is on an ultimate high and burns off everything they put into their mouths instantly, they aren’t too concerned with eating healthy.

But healthy skin is a direct result of healthy eating habits. Oily foods will only make your hormone’s produce more oil on your skin, making those breakouts even worse. Listen to your mom and eat those green leafy vegetables, cause they really are good for your skin. Follow a balanced diet with loads of veggies, proteins, eggs, milk and fruit.

Figure out your skin type

Before you run out to the store and buy a cleanser or exfoliate for your skin, you need to know what type of skin you have. There are four basic types of skin: dry, normal, oily and combination skin. Once you know your skin type you can get the product designed for your skin.

Chances are your skin will change as you age, so be alert to these changes and adjust your skincare products accordingly. Girls especially need to be alert to these changes, some will notice that they will need to switch up their products as their time of the month draws near then return to another product for the other three weeks of the month.

Use a cleanser

A cleanser will be your BFF for the rest of your life. Wash your face with a mild cleanser every morning and every night. Make sure to choose correct one for your skin type. If you have dry skin, make sure it has extra moisturizing properties for your skin.


Sun can permanently damage your skin, especially if it is trying to heal from a bad breakout. Never ever step out of your house without a good quality sunscreen on your face. Apply 15 to 20 minutes before you plan on going out.


You might not need to exfoliate daily, but definitely make it a goal to exfoliate twice a week. Gently rub it in with your fingers and never rub it in with a towel. Exfoliating will remove all of the dead skin cells that your cleanser couldn’t. You can make a homemade facial scrub with olive oil and sea salt.

Never pop a zit

We know that half of your classmates will tell you get rid of your breakouts by popping them. Popping the pimple will spread bacteria on your face, causing further breakouts plus it can leave scaring.


Hydrate your skin daily with a moisturizer designed for your skin type, after cleanser your skin. Plus, hydrate your skin by drinking lots of pure water, not flavored coffee drinks or soda.

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