How to Recovers a Flat Stomach

Many women are not worried about their weight, but they are worried about their belly. They feel it swollen a lot of times.

The female abdomen is very stretchy and very sensitive to physiological changes that lead to variations in its volume.

It is often attributed to hormonal changes, so frequent and cyclical in women. Our body retains water during menstruation, but this retention is spread throughout the body, so this alone would not explain the permanent swelling of the abdomen.

This type of belly manifests digestive disorders due to poor eating habits maintained over time.

However, we are not always aware of digestive disorders, as these do not manifest themselves in the form of colic, diarrhoea, liver crises…

Many times these disorders are manageable, without unbearable symptoms. This does not mean that they are not happening and that they will one day manifest themselves in a concrete way.

It seems like I’m always thinking about the same thing, but there’s nothing else in food:

The Basis of Our Health Lies in Good Eating Habits

Even if you have them, you may still have a swollen belly, heavy digestions, aerophagy, constipation… That was my case.

A quick way to find out what was wrong with me was to take a food intolerance test (this opens up a whole range of possibilities, but you have to worry a lot about the test you are going to take because not everyone is worth it). It’s an expensive test, but in my case very effective.

I stopped eating the foods that hurt me for a long time, and little by little I have been incorporating them into my diet at certain times (at a meal in a restaurant, at a friend’s house, at a party…). I feel much better and for me it has been a change in my life.

Also, I have discovered some things that may be useful to you, apart from the test I have told you about.

If you always sit with a swollen belly, I advise you to practice the following guidelines:

  • Try to eat the fruit without combining it with other food. It is digested much better and its properties are also better exploited. Half an hour before breakfast, at mid-afternoon (3 hours after lunch) or even before bedtime, avoiding citrus fruits that can disturb your sleep.
  • Never drink carbonated drinks (no beer, no sparkling mineral water, no carbonated soft drinks…).
  • Reduce the amount of salt you eat
  • Take care of constipation by eating whole grain bread, oat bran, dietary fiber and drinking plenty of water.
  • Do not mix lipid proteins (meat, fish, eggs, cheese, etc.) with “simple” carbohydrates (white bread, white flour paste, white rice, potatoes, etc.). It’s an explosive combination for your digestion.
  • Do a little abdominal gymnastics. I recommend that you take an interest in hypoppressive abdominals (the most effective from my point of view).
  • Practice relaxation, as some swellings, such as aerophagia, are of nervous origin.

Practice all this as a lifelong habit and not on time. That is the key to success.

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