Natural Juices for a Healthy Lifestyle

Fruit and vegetable juices are a powerful source of health that provides vitamins and minerals to our body.
Vegetable juices are one of the healthiest and most pleasant forms of food known. Recognized nutritionists value natural vegetable juices as a saving food, because they have an element called glycogen that is stored in our muscles and liver, which, in turn, is responsible for distributing it throughout the body as required. They are also a healthy, balanced and natural complement to any type of food.

While swallowing solid fruits and vegetables removes what you need in liquid form from the fiber, swallowing these same foods in juice form can be more beneficial. This is due, among other reasons, to the fact that we eliminate one of the digestion phases and the body receives the maximum amount of nutrients because the walls surrounding its cells break down.

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What are the main components of fruits?

Fruits have a high water component in their composition, approximately 80 percent, and provide a low number of calories. The table shows some fruits and the calories they provide.

As you can see, not all fruits are equally fattened: bananas and grapes rank first in the energy ranking (10 calories per 100 g). On the other hand, pineapple and peaches have 90 percent water in their composition.

The nutritional richness of the fruit is largely due to carbohydrates; in general terms, every 100 g of fruit provides our body with 10 g of simple sugars, mainly glucose, sucrose and fructose.

Green fruit is less sweet than ripe fruit because it has a higher starch content.

Fruit juices and their advantages

They are considered an almost perfect form of food and one of the most popular beverages. We find in their favor three weight arguments: they contain natural sugar, which guarantees a correct nutrition; their vitamins (basically A and C) create one of the best defenses against possible diseases, and have virtues capable of enhancing our beauty, since they help eliminate toxins and keep hair shiny and smooth skin.

The juices obtained from the fruit are a balancing and protective complement for our organism. They have nourishing and energetic properties and can be a powerful therapeutic product.

Although they are becoming increasingly popular, vegetable juices are less popular than fruit juices. However, this form of preparation makes it possible to take advantage of almost all its minerals and vitamins, which is not the case with cooking, which destroys them to a large extent.

Some vegetables, when eaten whole, cause difficult digestion, because they decompose more slowly than fruit. This problem is solved with the ingestion of juices, without this involving a decrease in the nutrients that our body absorbs.

On the other hand, the liquid version of vegetables is a convenient and fast way to feed ourselves, although it should be noted that many nutrition experts recommend not to exceed its consumption in more than one litre daily.

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