Phrases of the Dunkan Diet: Know Its Characteristics

Let us give an introduction to the phrases of the Dunkan diet. This diet was created in France by Dr. Pierre Dunkan more than 10 years ago, as a resource to combat the overweight of people. It consists basically of four steps, four phrases of high protein, which creates a low calorie diet.

There is no calorie tracking in this regime. You can eat what you want at any time of the day, except that you are consuming thin proteins, which are supplied at a minimum at the beginning.

Proteins are the focal point of the four stages, along with bran, oats and lots of drinking water. It is also convenient to accompany a walk of at least 25 minutes every day.Dukan Diet Phrases

Vegetables begin to be allowed in this diet from the start of the second phase, starting with a small amount associated with fresh fruits and whole grains.

The phases of the Dukan diet are as follows:

First stage: attack

In the first stage of the phrases of the Dunkan diet, people begin to calculate the reasonable weight loss that starts with the process. The first stage lasts two to seven days, where unlimited amounts of thin proteins are ingested. Oat bran, even in pancakes can be used as food. At this stage the weight reduction is spectacular.

Second stage: cruise

Dietitians add to the unlimited consumption of lean proteins, a set of healthy vegetables, until people reach the desired weight. Weight loss is remarkable at this stage.

Third stage: consolidation

This moment of the diet allows: unlimited amount of proteins, vegetables in quantity, along with other foods that can be Parmesan cheese, as well as small breads. The participants of the diet will be allowed two special foods every week in order to ward off monotony.

Fourth stage: stabilization

This stage is part of maintaining the diet plan, where people are allowed to consume the stipulated, without having kilograms of restoration. Here people keep the guidelines unchanged, such as daily consumption of lean proteins, unlimited in addition to the food arranged for each day of the week.

Here there are no calories to follow up, you have to consume according to the instructions, without limits, without any deprivation, but it is necessary to fully comply with the guidelines of the phases of the Dunkan diet.

What you can eat

During the “Attack phrase” which lasts from 10 to 15 days, you can eat all the lean protein your body can handle. You need to include 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran and do not forget to consume water. It is best if you drink 6-8 cups of water daily.

The “cruise” phrase lasts a few months. In this phase, it is best to add unlimited amounts of non-starchy vegetables every other day. Oat bran should also take part on your table the more possible.

When you get to the third stage “consolidation”, which is basically 5 days for every pound you have lost, you can have vegetables every day, plus fruit (one piece), 2 slices of bread and 1 serving of cheese.

The final stage “stabilization” stands for maintenance. You should eat whatever you want, and one day of the week you should dedicate to “Attack” phrase. In this phase you should eat 3 tablespoons of oat bran a day and possibly walk 20 minutes. If you are a fan of exercise, you can go to a gym and do light exercises for 20-30 minutes. These are all phrases of the Dunkan diet.


These are all the phrases of the Dunkan Diet. If you want to lose weight and look nice, do not cheat on this diet and you will see the results in shortest amount of time. Start now and look amazing in a few weeks.

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