Tips on how to apply makeup for beginners

The history of make-up dates back to the history of civilization itself, but even so, it’s not uncommon to find women whom, for many reasons, still feel uncomfortable on applying make-up. On this simple tutorial, you’ll be able to check on practical tips that certainly can help you beat the mistrust, whatever it might be, and discover a whole new world of possibilities to highlight beauty features, correct imperfections and just feel better with yourself!

What to do before starting to makeup

Before reaching the mirror, it’s vital to ensure that you have the right tools to apply the makeup. To begin, you must gather a simple makeup kit. Before anything else, you should invest in a foundation paintbrush, another one for powder and one for blush. A basic makeup kit of good quality should be enough for someone who’s starting. The most important thing to remember is: your skin’s health should be your first concern always!

Cleaning and hydrating the skin

Once your basic kit is ready, it is time for the practical part. Tie your hair up and wash your face to eliminate impurities and excess of oil. Use neutral soaps to clean your skin – and remember that each person has a different type of epidermis. A good advice is to find products than can both clean and tone up. Lastly, don’t forget to hydrate your skin carefuly before starting to makeup. A well-hydrated skin means that that the makeup will most likely look good in the end!

make the skin uniform, decrease the oiliness

Pre-makeup: Primer

The primer is simply the pre-makeup. Its job is to make the skin uniform, decrease the oiliness, close the pores and sustain the makeup for a longer time. Although not always necessary, it can make a significant difference, depending on each person. It fills the surface of the skin, making it smooth to receive the foundation. It is recommended especially for people who has opened skin pores, expression lines or acne marks.

Which products should I use and in what order

Concealer: Always start with the concealer. Its job is to soften imperfections on the skin such as dark circles, stains, pimple signs and other unwanted marks.

Facial foundation: After the corrector, it’s time to use the facial foundation, whose function is to disguise imperfections and make the skin uniform, making it easier for the setting of the other products. An advice is to give always preference to liquid or creamy foundations, whereas they tend to keep the skin less dry than the other kinds. Tip: try on a foundation not the same color, but on a lighter tone than the skin. This should smooth the lines of the face and make it look “lighter”. A product that has been successful for that is Dermacol, a high-cover foundation that will not vanish even in contact with water.

Eyeshade: Just as it happens with the foundation, pick up a color a little lighter than your skin, which will make the effect a bit more elegant and subtle. When applying the eyeshade, hold one eyelid close and use the brush where you can sense the eyeball beneath. When also wearing highlighter, the more important places are beneath the eyebrow and on the inside corner of the eye, which will make your face look more jovial.

Powder: Just like the foundation, the main function of the powder is make the skin smoother and help on setting the makeup. Just beware with excesses! Choose the kind of the powder based on the type of your skin.

Mascara: Use it just on the upper eyelashes, to make the look more natural. Avoid blurring the mascara by using a dryer on the eyelashes

Eye pencil: With a strong grip, spread it through the lower part of the eyes. When not using mascara, you can use on both upper and lower parts, making the eyes look smoother. When wearing mascara, use the pencil only on the lower part.

Blush: In order to give a more jovial and healthier touch, end the make-up by applying a little bit of blush!

Lipstick: After taking care of everything else, don’t forget your lips! The lipstick is certainly the most simple and popular item of all make-up, so there’s not much of a secret. Just don’t forget that it comes last place!

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